Achieve and maintain your own psychophysical wellbeing
The Spas of Chianciano

An extraordinary mix of treatments based on the effectiveness of the spa waters in an uncontaminated green environment, with numerous opportunities for relaxation, enjoyment and sport.

The various spa waters perform their beneficial effects on the organism through various methods of assumption and usage: the Acqua Santa and Acqua Fucoliare drunk direct-ly from the springs in the centuries-old parks as a pleasant drink for the beneficial effects on the liver and the gastrointestinal tract, the Acqua Santissima is used for inhaling, aer-osols and insufflations for adults and children to combat the diseases of the upper res-piratory tracts and the Acqua Sillene is the basis of mud treatments, thermal baths and cosmetics.

The “Terme Sensoriali”, in the Acqua Santa Spa park, is a facility based on the criteria of the naturopathy, offering thirty distinctive treatments, to rebalance the energy fields: from tropical showers to Ayurveda, from the ice crash to the spa pools. The thermal water cascades through fire and ice, is channelled through pools, sprayed through showers, blended into exclusive cosmetics, representing a gentle cure for the body while aiding the treatment of many medical conditions.

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Looking for a conference venue in Tuscany? Centro Congressi Excelsior in Chianciano Terme is the ideal location for meetings and events in Tuscany

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The Swimming pool is situated at a height of over 20 metres and its terrace dominates the entire town of Chianciano, providing a breath-taking view. On clear days you can even see the 3 lakes: Trasimeno, Chiusi and Montepulciano and the view extends as far as the Apennine Mountains. Provided with a Jacuzzi and counter-current swimming this unique location